A Horrible Night

It’s currently 8:49 a.m. and I still have not fallen asleep. In an hour I will leave to teach. On the way I am going to get the largest cup of coffee offered. When the barista asks if I would like an extra shot of expresso I will say, “How many can fit in a large cup?”

I am slightly concerned that my recent bout of insomnia may have to be cured with sleep aide other wise, in the words of Ozzy Osbourne, I am going to go off the rails of a crazy train.

Medication blows. I was thinking I could find a herbal supplement… I looked it up and hops is on the list. I could just get drunk and pass out. It is almost like sleeping.
There is also oat straw… but let’s face it, I am eccentric enough.


~ by kmconrad on January 9, 2009.

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