It Must Be A Chicago Thing

Growing up just outside of Chicago afforded many things. 

First of all, I was never deprived of any type of museum field trip. I have seen them all… and I have to admit that some of it was much cooler in 5th grade. (some of it is still cool… the Science and Industry coal mine experience still fascinates me) 

Secondly, I ate a lot of deep dish pizza. Unless you have experienced it you will simply not understand. 

The last one was almost forgotten up until this weekend. My roommates (and Tim) went to a story slam… something very reminiscent of the poetry slams I used to have in High School. It must be a Chicago thing… the hip hop poetry beat box spinning words headache that surronded the climate of the city in 1984. 

I suppose if Chicago could speak it would say it to the scretching of trains, the pounding of feet against the pavement, and the whistle of the wind. 

The best thing about this weekend was that it reminded me that certain parts of high school were good and worth remembering. 

Here are some of my favorite slam poets. 


Marc Smith 

Regie Gibson 

Taylor Mali 

Patricia Smith 


~ by kmconrad on January 27, 2009.

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