A Small Breath

I suppose there is a certain amount of caution that must be taken when blogging.

On the brighter side of life, I like setting up my thoughts like couches and tables in a sitting room. I like to fret about their exact placement. I like to move them around, poetically and logically, until they are placed perfectly. And then I want to invite friends to rest and enjoy the mismatched tune of confused company.

On the darker side of life, I am increasingly more convinced that it is not always good to bear your soul publicly. The Internet, and really many modern convinces and forms of entertainment, have this way of desensitizing us to any type of real struggle. Well, at least for me. I am so silly, why do I try to speak for everyone?

I feel disconnected when the television screams hideous things, when the radio lacks integrity, and when value is defined between the sheets of shows that glorify a gluttony of materialistic experiences, putrid pop culture tyranny, legs that smell like meaningless sex- impulsiveness submitting to the quick fix.

I walk slowly towards it trying to push against the wind of something better.

A prelude to former posts: I struggle to find meaning in my life.

Coffee, Contemplation, and what seems like a little bit of Complaining,


P.S. I am not so sure about being a day older tomorrow. How about you?


~ by kmconrad on June 9, 2009.

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