I am looking for something important to say…

and a lot has happened in a few short days. I have spent way too much time in the garden. I am starting to be able to tell the difference between certain types of trees.

My favorite one thus far is a
Cockspur Hawthorne. It looks like a tree out of Middle Earth. Each flower is perfectly symmetrical. It is so beautiful that you go to touch it and forget that each branch has massive thorns. For some reason I think there is a little bit of irony in that. At least considering where I am in my life right now.

Besides becoming intimate friends with the trees I have also become increasingly good friends with our classroom pets. Currently in my care are: three tarantulas, two frogs, a boxing turtle, two spotted turtles, a gecko, three hissing cockroaches, two South American millipedes, lady bugs, a butterfly, and a Luna moth. Not my usual gang, for sure, but they are always happy to see me (possibly because I feed them) and they never yell at me for not calling back.

I have become increasingly more aware of the fact that I like morning dew in my hair and the smell of prairie post sunrise. The highway seems like an open sore on the once perfect land that we were meant to dwell in.

Human beings are so silly… and I must be the worst of them.

There is a culture that surround the people of the garden. Many of the visitors pride themselves on green living and exercise. But when it really comes down to it… its just another sign to rally under and another type of materialism to give into. I struggle with it. We want to do right by the environment so we produce all these things that will supposedly help… but the fact of the matter is we are still… producing.

I am going to settle on the fact that this still makes more sense in my head. I have not thought it through real well.

Either way, Happy Saturday.



~ by kmconrad on June 13, 2009.

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