Different Legs

I’ve been rather calculated in terms of my existence lately. Things are done on a time schedule and at this point in my life… it’s necessary.

For example, I have a scheduled time to think… if that tells you what plane of existence the early parts of July have already revolved around.

I accepted a teaching job and, while I would love to tell the story, I am sure that the lather parts of my blog will be filled with reflections concerning my inadequacies as a new teacher.

This particular corner of the world wide web should be dedicated to Caroline.

The first things Caroline told me was that she had been waiting for camp for weeks, that she had a twin brother, and that she did not want to talk about her legs.

Caroline has cerebral palsy.

But do not feel bad for Caroline.

She also posses infectious laughter, a silly run, an arsenal of 1st grade jokes, a willingness to be a friend to anyone, and an uncontrollable urge to tell me and everyone whom might ask that she does not have bad legs but different legs.

I was assigned to shadow Caroline and, to be honest, the prospect of caring for a child with a disability scared me a little.

Well, ashamedly… a lot.

I guess there are a lot of profound observations can be postulated from even the basics of this situation. To be honest, the best thing about hanging out with Caroline is that I get to share in the joy of a 1st grader’s life a little bit more closely. If I reach for specifics, I love watching her twin brother Charles love his younger (by ten minutes!) sister. I love watching her run in her braces next to the other children and I most certainly love to laugh.

Caroline: “Ms. Kasey, What is a teacher’s favorite snack?”

Me: “Gee, I have no idea! What is a teacher’s favorite snack?!?”

Caroline: “Chalk-late! GET IT?”

Really, there is not a single more better way to spend my time.

Life is short and most certainly delicate and I find myself thanking God for making legs that were “different” than mine.

My dependency on the poorer novelties in life most certainly outweigh her dependency on others to help her get on and off the camp tram. While I would never be ungrateful to my own body, I find a bit of me envious. I hope I can one day learn how to lean and love on others as Caroline does. As Caroline has to, I suppose.

It is funny how much time I have wasted feeling bad for people who are in “lesser” circumstances than my own.

Silly, really.

Because when I look at most situations seriously I should be humbled how little I really know and appalled at how little my love really is.



~ by kmconrad on July 8, 2009.

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